Our Tracks


The tracks for the conference are (But not limited to)

Semantic web, Big Data, Data warehousing and Mining, Object and multi agent system, Data mining, Database systems, Web search, Web Security, Search engines, Intelligent structures, Dataset Dynamics and Synchronization, Big Data Computing, Web-Based Health- and Bio- Information Systems, Nature-Inspired Models and Approaches for Web Intelligence, Content Management and Semantic Web.
Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence & artificial life, Cognitive Psychology, Game theory & applications, Genetic algorithm, Bio-inspired hardware & networks, Nature inspired computation, Evolutionary computation, Evolutionary Search and Meta-Heuristics, Genetic Algorithms, Memetic Algorithms, Differential Evolution, Evolutionary Learning Systems.
Mobile ad-hoc networks, Mobile Identity Management, Security access policies, Network security management, Privacy-respecting authentication issues, Wireless Communication, Architectural Structure, Design Decisions and Philosophies, Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems, Distributed Computing, Ubicomp Human-Computer Interaction for Devices, Intelligent Devices and Environments, Ubiquitous Systems and Trust.
Distributed & Parallel Computing, Grid & Cloud Computing, Cloud Quality Management & Service level agreement, High performance cloud computing, Mobile Computing, Edge Computing, Fog Computing, Cognitive Computing.
Component based and Service oriented software systems. Software Engineering, Reliability and Testing, Information retrieval & Security, Knowledge Engineering & Management, Information System modeling and Simulation Techniques, software Systems, Application of AI in Information System.
Intelligent control & intelligent system, Intelligent Management & Decision Making, Intelligent Automation & Manufacturing, Mechatronics & Robotics, Industrial Automation, Deep Learning, Computational Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision, Adaptive automation systems, Automated fault detection, diagnostics, and prognostics, Automation in life science, Sustainability and green automation.
Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Image processing & acquisition, Video Processing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence for multimedia, Multimedia software, hardware and application systems, Multimedia standards, trends and related issues.
IoT Business Models and Case studies, Green IoT, IoT Architectures, Platforms and Applications, Mobile IoT, Security, Privacy and Trust, The Smart City, Web of Things.
Business Analytics, Logic based planning, VLSI Designing, Modeling, Simulation & Automation, Process Monitoring, Biomedical Informatics; Integrating & mapping biomedical ontology’s, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, health informatics Reliability & Fault tolerance, Embedded Software and Hardware Architecture Techniques.
Climate and Ecosystem Monitoring, Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Recycling, Energy Saving Solutions and Tradeoffs, Renewable Energy Based Algorithms, Smart Buildings, Eco-friendly Computing & Green Cloud Computing, Green network design and energy-efficient smart systems , Green communication technologies,Green future Internet and software-defined networking.
Smart cities/villages/communities, environmental protection, Infrastructure & resource management (land, water, electricity, sewage and solid waste), Transportation systems, smart building and building materials, building management systems, geoinformatics, disaster management.